• Sydney’s newest international
  • festival

Together with the board I am delighted to welcome you to the inaugural Sydney International Cabaret Festival, and hope you enjoy the many events and activities that are a part of what we hope will be an internationally recognized annual event for Sydney.

Sydney was the original home of cabaret in Australia; it is an artform that is truly loved by all Australians.  We are so excited to be bringing cabaret back to audiences that enjoy the spectacle and experience of live performance.

I am so excited to have Mr Trevor Ashley as the inaugural Festival’s Artistic Director.  Our vision has been to create something that will be sustainable and sit on the Sydney arts calendar for many years to come.  Trevor’s talent, drive and commitment to making this a success stems from his love of cabaret and his dedication to creating content that is innovative, challenging and always entertaining.

I would like to thank our partners, sponsors, donors and the incredible artists whose efforts, talents and support have enabled this event to come to fruition.

I would also like to thank you; festival goers and supporters of cabaret, people who appreciate live performance and the arts.  It will be your enthusiasm, anticipation, feedback and support that will be the crucial ingredients to the ongoing success of the Festival.

The board and I wish you a memorable Festival and we look forward to your continued support both this year and for many more years to come.

Stephen Fitzgerald